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072 — Kim Nelson

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Podcast Summary:

Shark Tank Alum, Kim Nelson, secured a big investment from Barbara Corcoran and went on to build a cake empire – over $3 million in cake sales.  She’s a kind, hard working South Carolina leader whose enthusiasm is infectious.  I have personally ordered, eaten and LOVED her gluten free carrot cake. It was amazing! Just as amazing are the powerful leadership lessons she shares about:

  1. How just asking got Daisy Cakes on the “Price is Right” TV show.
  2. The challenges of finding employees who have the same sense of ownership as you do.
  3. How focusing on a quality product has fueled her success.
  4. How focusing on strategic marketing has kept her in front of new customers.
  5. How being fair to her employees has helped keep turnover low.
  6. How to handle good employees who take too much “ownership” and become emotionally attached to their job.

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053 — Betsy Craig

Podcast Summary:

Betsy Craig is is having a huge impact on the food industry AND doubling sales every year. From VP of her local PTA middle school, to successful CEO, Betsy is super inspirational on many levels. Her company started from a facebook message and has exploded because she knows how to learn and create a great team. In her episode you’ll learn more about:

1. The merits of bootstrapping.
2. Accountability  and responsibility – “Passion won’t pay the rent.”
3. How being “a sponge” can help you and your company grow.
4. “If you don’t know your numbers, it won’t matter, because they won’t be around to know them in a year.”
5. Sharing your personal Founding CEOs goals with your team makes the team stronger.
6. “Not everyone presents their 100% authentic self.”
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047 — Naomi Poe

Podcast Summary:

Naomi Poe discovered that her son had celiac disease and she needed a flour that could be a cup-for-cup replacement for regular flour when she cooked for her family. From that Better Batter was born. She is in a competitive industry but is growing. In my opinion, its because Naomi is a leader on a mission and she is a constant learner. She shares four key leadership things.

1. The importance of building a board.
2. How to handle the natural tension between serving your employees while looking at the numbers and making tough decisions.
3. The positive impact that cross training your employees can have on your business.
4. Why researching your market before a launch well help you avoid the $50,000 loss that Naomi incurred.
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