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053 — Betsy Craig

Podcast Summary:

Betsy Craig is is having a huge impact on the food industry AND doubling sales every year. From VP of her local PTA middle school, to successful CEO, Betsy is super inspirational on many levels. Her company started from a facebook message and has exploded because she knows how to learn and create a great team. In her episode you’ll learn more about:

1. The merits of bootstrapping.
2. Accountability  and responsibility – “Passion won’t pay the rent.”
3. How being “a sponge” can help you and your company grow.
4. “If you don’t know your numbers, it won’t matter, because they won’t be around to know them in a year.”
5. Sharing your personal Founding CEOs goals with your team makes the team stronger.
6. “Not everyone presents their 100% authentic self.”
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