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401 — Donnie Boivin

Podcast Summary

Donnie is as transparent as you might expect, being a Marine.

His amazing company is helping thousands of business owners connect with the right people.

So, I found it really interesting that he made a decision as a Founder & CEO that initially did not connect with his people.

Sometimes, as Founders, and as we grow, we need to augment our decision-making with a bit more data and insight.

The gut instincts that got us to launch and reach traction become insufficient over time.

Listen to what happened to Donnie, how he fixed the situation, and what you can learn from his mistake.

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Name: Donnie Boivin

Company: Success Champion Networking

Location: Azle, Texas

Powerful Promise of Value: Success Champion Networking is for the “2nd Tier” B2B decision-makers who have outgrown “traditional” networking.


Donnie on LinkedIn

Donnie’s Company Website

Donnie Summit: Bad Ass Business Summit

Donnie’s Free Resources: Text “Success” to 817-318-6030

400 — Jason Fried

Podcast Summary

WOW! We could not have asked for a better 400th Podcast Episode Guest!

And, Jason delivered. He was super candid about a great many topics that I think you will really enjoy listening about and learning from.

In this interview, Jason discusses:

  1. What he considers to be the harder part of the transition From Founder To CEO.
  2. Why he made this controversial decision: “No more societal and political discussions on our company Basecamp account.”
  3. How the “fallout” from this decision impacted the company.
  4. How the “fallout” personally impacted him.
  5. What he did to get through the stressful and “sad” elements of this decision.
  6. Why this decision is a turning point for the company.
  7. What the future of Basecamp looks like.
  8. How a new COO and Product Leaders will factor into a relatively new structure for Basecamp’s future.
  9. How he envisions being the CEO in the future.
  10. And so much more.

Like many of you, I have been reading Jason’s books and his vulnerable online posts for many years.

You can tell he is a hard-working, kind-hearted man who strives to do the best he can.

I hope you enjoy listening to this very special 400th Founder interview as much as I did.

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Name: Jason Fried

Company: Basecamp

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Powerful Promise of Value: Basecamp is the all-in-one toolkit for working remotely. With its project management capabilities and communication tools it is an amazing experience.

Jason’s Books:

Getting Real: The Smarter, Faster, Easier Way to Build a Successful Web Application

Remote: Office Not Required


It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work


Jason on LinkedIn, Jason Writing, Jason on Twitter

Basecamp’s Website, Basecamp on LinkedIn, Basecamp on Twitter, Basecamp on Facebook

Hey’s Website

399 — Myles Hunter

Podcast Summary

Tutoring is big business. And, Myles and the team figured out how to provide this valuable service for FREE to thousands of students.

It wasn’t easy.

And, it became even harder when he and his co-founder, Victor, realized that two other co-founders may not be in it for the long haul.

What do you do when it becomes clear that a co-founder, or two, need to exit the business and there is not a pre-planned process for this?

Well, as Myles explains in this interview, it was stressful and there was lots of drama.

But, in the end, Myles learned a lot about influence, motivations, and how to speak into the hopes and fears of others.

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Name: Myles Hunter

Company: TutorMe

Location: Los Angeles, California

Powerful Promise of Value: TutorMe is the world’s leading provider of online tutoring. Their mission is to level the academic playing field for students everywhere.

Contact: Myles on LinkedIn, TutorMe’s website, TutorMe on LinkedIn, TutorMe on Twitter, TutorMe on Facebook

398 — Ashley Drummonds

Podcast Summary

You may remember Ashley from her appearance on ABC TV’s “Shark Tank.”

At the end of the show, Ashley received and accepted an offer from Daymond John.

What you don’t know is the rest of the story.

Unfortunately, like many other deals on the show, this one did not make it through post show due diligence.

Ashley describes what happened and how taking a year off from her business helped her decide the answer to this question:

“Do I want to be the leader that pilots the company to forward growth?”

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Name: Ashley Drummonds

Company: ABS Protein Pancakes

Location: Tampa, Florida

Powerful Promise of Value: ABS is a line of High Protein, Low Carb, All Natural, Gluten Free Premium Pancake mixes, Whey Protein Powders and Vegan Proteins that help people fuel their body with quality nutrition.

Contact: Ashley on LinkedIn, Ashley on Instagram, ABS on Instagram, ABS website