087 — Bryan Miles

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Podcast Summary:

Bryan Miles is on a mission…to serve others. He, his wife, Shannon, and his growing team serve leaders with virtual assistants  and virtual bookkeepers. And, this year, Inc. Magazine ranked eaHELP, Miles AG’s leading executive virtual assistant provider, number 131 on its 2015 Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing privately-held companies in the country. Bryan’s caring persona shines through as he describes how he leads his company. He also shares 3 key pieces of valuable hiring advice that he learned through some trying circumstances. He also talks about:

  • “I feel like God has had a hand in our business.”
  • “I’m a pretty decent vision caster.”
  • “No business is ever stagnant…you are either in growth or decline.”
  • “While everything looked good, I hoped for more.”
  • “Are you on ‘Hope Island’ with this prospect?”
  • “The day that the business doesn’t need you day to day is the day that you start owning your business.”
  • “I have more peace today…”

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Name: Bryan Miles, Co-founder & CEO

Company: Miles AG (eaHelpMAG Bookkeeping & Render)

Powerful Promise of Value: Miles AG is the parent company of eaHELP and MAG Bookkeeping, both of which are leading providers of virtual professional services. eaHELP is an industry leader in providing virtual executive assistants to world-changing leaders and organizations around the globe. MAG Bookkeeping is a national leader in helping churches around the country securely manage their finances by working with virtual bookkeepers.

Headquartered In: Cumming, GA

Leadership Struggle:  “…we want to own things…not run things…while that is well intentioned…there have been times…we made some strategic hires…and they tanked…my hope for these people versus what they can actually do…my words carry a lot more weight than I need them to…”

Favorite Software: Basecamp

Favorite Outside Vendor/Partner: Michael Hyatt, The Lampo Organization

Favorite CEO Question: What’s the one thing I didn’t ask you that you are glad I didn’t ask?

Contacts: milesadvisorygroup.com, miles.ag, (Twitter: @bryanmiles)

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