088 — Jamal Motlagh

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Podcast Summary:

This is the FIRST time we have had a previous guest on the show for another interview. The reason? Jamal’s debut on the show was in March 2015. He gave a revealing interview which led to over 2,500 downloads – our largest downloaded episode yet. Plus, Jamal shares some incredible accomplishments since we last spoke with him about his journey From Founder To CEO. He talks about:

  • Opening a new store in LA.
  • The process he used to hire a Manager for his LA store.
  • The process he is using to onboard his new LA Manager
  • What he continues to work on as he matures as a CEO.

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Name: Jamal Motlagh, CEO & Co-founder

Company: Acustom Apparel

Powerful Promise of Value: Acustom Apparel is a revolutionary new way to build your wardrobe. Using their digital measuring technologies, they gather 200,000 data points to create your 3D body model. These measurements (along with your fit preferences) are fed into their proprietary Digital Bespoke algorithms to create clothing from shirts and jeans to suits and blazers.

Headquartered In: Manhattan, New York City, New York & (now) LA

Contact: acustom.com, (212) 219-8620

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