399 — Myles Hunter

Podcast Summary

Tutoring is big business. And, Myles and the team figured out how to provide this valuable service for FREE to thousands of students.

It wasn’t easy.

And, it became even harder when he and his co-founder, Victor, realized that two other co-founders may not be in it for the long haul.

What do you do when it becomes clear that a co-founder, or two, need to exit the business and there is not a pre-planned process for this?

Well, as Myles explains in this interview, it was stressful and there was lots of drama.

But, in the end, Myles learned a lot about influence, motivations, and how to speak into the hopes and fears of others.

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Name: Myles Hunter

Company: TutorMe

Location: Los Angeles, California

Powerful Promise of Value: TutorMe is the world’s leading provider of online tutoring. Their mission is to level the academic playing field for students everywhere.

Contact: Myles on LinkedIn, TutorMe’s website, TutorMe on LinkedIn, TutorMe on Twitter, TutorMe on Facebook

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