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Podcast Summary:

The payments industry is a beast of an industry to enter. There are a growing number of players, lots of regulation, entrenched legacy leaders, and difficulties building and maintaining trust. But, PJ Gupta saw not only a need, but has a passion for helping millions of businesses reduce their payments costs and speed up their cash flow…so he took on the challenge of sending and receiving digital checks.

Not only that, but he had to build his company without co-founders after his original co-founders were unable to commit for the long haul. PJ describes this challenging time period and how it led him to discover the value of finding advisors that work for you, the founder. He shares 3 key factors that will help you find the best advisors.

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Name: PJ Gupta

Company: Checkbook

Headquartered In: Sunnyvale, California

Powerful Promise of Value: Checkbook has built a way for you to to send and receive Digital Checks instead of dealing with paper and postage, or expensive online transactions. Digital Checks offer a clear financial and operational advantage for businesses with instant delivery, and online deposit, at a fraction of the cost of other payment options. Just $1 per transaction, regardless of the amount.

Contact: Website: www.checkbook.io

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