398 — Ashley Drummonds

Podcast Summary

You may remember Ashley from her appearance on ABC TV’s “Shark Tank.”

At the end of the show, Ashley received and accepted an offer from Daymond John.

What you don’t know is the rest of the story.

Unfortunately, like many other deals on the show, this one did not make it through post show due diligence.

Ashley describes what happened and how taking a year off from her business helped her decide the answer to this question:

“Do I want to be the leader that pilots the company to forward growth?”

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Name: Ashley Drummonds

Company: ABS Protein Pancakes

Location: Tampa, Florida

Powerful Promise of Value: ABS is a line of High Protein, Low Carb, All Natural, Gluten Free Premium Pancake mixes, Whey Protein Powders and Vegan Proteins that help people fuel their body with quality nutrition.

Contact: Ashley on LinkedIn, Ashley on Instagram, ABS on Instagram, ABS website

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