245 — Grant Aldrich

Podcast Summary:

Being a Founder is tough work. It’s even harder when you are bringing innovation to industries and areas of business that struggle with change. Grant is creating a triple win in higher education…students can earn credits for their first year of college for free…universities gain access to a new pool of students…and tax payers avoid mounting student loan debt.

Building this new approach is not easy. Grant has learned a lot. In this interview he explains why it has been hard for him to convince others of this innovation and how he has overcome this challenge.

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Name: Grant Aldrich

Company: OnlineDegree.com

Headquartered In: Los Angeles, California

Powerful Promise of Value: With OnlineDegree.com students can take free courses and could receive credits toward their degree at universities across the U.S…potentially satisfying up to their freshman year of college. Students can achieve their dreams and save valuable time and money.

Contact: Website: www.onlinedegree.com, Email: [email protected]

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