231 — Eric Kuhn

Podcast Summary:

After founding Varsity Books, going public, and then selling the company, Eric Kuhn knows the ups and downs of startup life. That’s why he started FoundersCard. He wanted to created a community and membership platform that served entrepreneurs. Eric shared some powerful stories and nuggets of wisdom in this longer than usual version of the podcast. Eric talks about:

  • How his purpose-driven business has driven profits
  • How leading Varsity Books was different than leading FoundersCard
  • What he considers to be the best use of your time as a Founder
  • How he has changed as a Founder & CEO and things you need to consider as you mature as a Founder & CEO

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Name: Eric Kuhn

Company: FoundersCard

Headquartered In: New York, New York

Powerful Promise of Value: FoundersCard is a membership community of over 25,000 entrepreneurs and innovators who receive unprecedented benefits and networking opportunities.

Contact: Website: www.founderscard.com

Sponsored by: Trail Team 10

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