222 — Clarence Bethea

Podcast Summary:

Imagine this scene…you are at your favorite big box store and you just bought a TV. The sales person is pressuring you to buy a warranty that is much more than you imagined. Well, Clarence Bethea knows this scene all too well and is changing it. Clarence and his team are changing the warranty world with 25% month-over-month growth.

And, while the company grows, Clarence is also learning to shift his leadership style from a “strong arm” style to one where he is an advocate for thinking through challenging decisions over 24 hours. He also have a novel time for his meetings. Clarence is an inspiration and a grounded Founder who will make you think about more deeply about being a CEO.

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Name: Clarence Bethea

Company: Upsie

Headquartered In: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Powerful Promise of Value:  Upsie is changing the way consumers buy extended warranties.

Contact: www.upsie.com, @Clarence_Bethea (Twitter), [email protected] (Email), https://www.facebook.com/clarence.bethea

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