003 — Nathan Pettyjohn

Podcast Summary:

How Do You Lead Your Company Through Massive Growth? Nathan Tells Us How He Did It: Founder & CEO, Nathan Pettyjohn, was shopping in a big box store and could not find the item he was looking for. So he started a company that helps businesses map their store so customers can have an awesome in store experience. Along the way he has learned some important lessons on leadership. I especially like the story he tells about how he recovered from a potentially devastating failure.

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Name: Nathan Pettyjohn, Founder & CEO

Company: Aisle411

Powerful Promise of Value: Making shopping easier for shoppers with their amazing indoor mapping software.

Headquartered In: St. Louis, MO

Significant Difference Between (Co) Founder & CEO: “As a founder…its the visionary, its being scrappy…now we have a board of directors team…its no longer just me and my co-founders…I have to drive the strategic direction of the company and help manage the team, but I also have all this fiduciary responsibility…”

Blind Spot: “More optimistic than I should be.”

Banish Your Business Building Blindspot!

Favorite Resource for Productivity: Google Apps

Favorite Resource that helps with the Founder to CEO role shift: Success Is A Choice: Ten Steps To Overachieving in Business and Life

Favorite Founder: Jeff Bezos (Amazon)

Contact: Twitter: @npj14 ; www.aisle411.com ; LinkedIn

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