143 — Todd Guckenberger

Podcast Summary:

“Be the difference for one,” is the driving motto behind Todd’s organization Back2Back Ministries. He is leading an international team of amazing people who dedicate their lives to support orphans around the world. As inspiring as that mission is, Todd is just like you. He also has had some ups and downs as a Co-founder and CEO of a startup that grew into a international organization. And, his journey is filled with opportunities to learn as a leader. In this fun interview he shares:

  • How he uses the “front porch” approach to learn to be a better CEO
  • How he has overcome his group communication limitations
  • How he uses a talent assessment tool to shape his organization’s culture and create better opportunities for effective communication across international cultures

Todd’s enthusiasm is infectious…he just makes you want to be a better person, better leader, and have more positive impact on the world. Let me know what you learned by contacting me here.

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Name: Todd Guckenberger, Co-founder & Executive Director (CEO)

Company: Back2Back Ministries

Headquartered In: Mason, Ohio

Powerful Promise of Value: Back2Back Ministries is an international Christian organization dedicated to providing holistic orphan care to orphans and vulnerable children.

Contacts: www.back2back.org@b2bministries (Twitter)

Sponsored by: Khorus

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