108 — Danielle Morrill

Podcast Summary:

Danielle turned a challenging startup outcome into a new, fast growing business that is dedicated to helping the world find the business information they need. I truly appreciated her candor in this interview. Her honest appraisal of her leadership challenge and key lessons about hiring executives are points I highly encourage you to think about. Listen and let me know what you think.

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Name: Danielle Morrill, CEO & Cofounder

Company: Mattermark

Powerful Promise of Value: The world’s business information in one place, filterable and sortable, that’s Mattermark. Mattermark makes it faster and easier to source the best business deals.

Headquartered In: San Francisco, California

Leadership Struggle: “…patience…”

Favorite Productivity Software: Slack

Hiring Advice: “Don’t lower your standards.”

Great CEO Question: What is everyone thinking and not saying?

Contacts: www.mattermark.com, @DanielleMorrill (twitter)

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