104 — Sky White

Podcast Summary:

Sky White, member of the wildly successful Fox Shazam rock group, branched out after touring the world for 10 years and started a high quality tea company based on his passion for fine tea. He has an amazing story whose approach to scaling his company will make you think about how you lead and scale your company. He’s a super nice guy with a great attitude.

Click to Tweet Sky White, Founder & CEO of @WendigoTea and member of @foxyshazam, is rocking the #tea industry https://fromfoundertoceo.com/?p=1817


Name: Sky White, Founder  & CEO

Company: Wendigo Tea Co.

Powerful Promise of Value:  

Headquartered In: Cincinnati, Ohio

Leadership Struggle: “…there’s a gap in my products that I am carrying…”

Contacts: [email protected], www.wendigo.comhttps://www.facebook.com/wendigotea/

Sponsored by: Khorus

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