103 — Matthew Scanlan

 Podcast Summary:

Matthew Scanlan’s mission, passion, and enthusiasm will stir your spirit and make you think about everyone that is a direct and indirect player in your business. He has discovered a new way to work with people in the profitable cashmere industry while also enriching and uplifting the the herders of Mongolia who work hard to bring quality materials to the market. I dare you to listen and email me and tell me you didn’t learn something from this amazing 27 year old…todd@fromfoundertoceo.com.

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Name: Matthew Scanlan, CEO & Co-founder

Company: Naadam

Powerful Promise of Value:  Naadam responsibly sources the finest fibers int the world to produce garments of substance, relevance and quality, connecting a global perspective through a modern aesthetic. Each piece affirms the undeniable link between the herders who harvest their fleece and the global audience that wears it.

Headquartered In: New York, New York & Mongolia

Fortune Magazine Commentaries:

Leadership Struggle: “…getting distracted when I become impatient…”

Contacts: www.naadamcashmere.com, matt@naadamcashmere.com

Sponsored by: Khorus

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