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Podcast Summary:

Laura Roeder, Founder & CEO of Edgar, is changing social media management with her powerful tool. She turned her training program into a software as a service platform that has had meteoric growth and has helped thousands of small business owners better use social media to drive business results. Her wisdom on an array of issues is incredible. For example:

1. “Product/market fit is really about all or nothing…it works or it doesn’t.”
2. “If you can get some people to buy, you can get more people to buy.”
3. It’s really important to leverage the audience that other people have built.
4. “Most of my time is definitely spent on strategy.”
5. “To me, strategy means, is everyone at the company working towards the same goal and do we have our game plan clearly defined?”
6. The importance of focus
7. The challenges of hiring

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Name: Laura Roeder, Founder & CEO

Company: Edgar

Powerful Promise of Value: Edgar is the only social media management tool that stops social media updates from going to waste by creating a library of all your social updates that you can reuse.

Headquartered In: Los Angeles, California

Leadership Struggle: “…hiring…we’ve been taking 2-6 months to fill every position, which is slowing down our growth…at the same time we want to keep this really really high standard for the people on our team…”

Favorite Software for Productivity: Slack

Daily Habit: Touch it once…learned from David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity 

Delegation Technique: Jason Cohen has a great blog entitled “A Smart Bear” and he wrote an article about delegation entitled, “Scaling by delegation’ isn’t good enough.” Laura likes this blog because it distinguishes between delegating tasks and empowering others to assume responsibility for full functions and or entire areas of responsibility.

Meeting Advice: Make sure to have the clear action items at the end of the meeting, and know who is responsible for what.

Favorite Book, Magazine, Blog, Newsletter, Podcast (s): Hiten Shah’s SaaS Weekly newsletter

Contacts: www.meetedgar.com, @meetedgar, @lkr

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