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Ryan Bell deserves a lot of credit for solving a vexing social media problem for companies that adhere to SEC, FFIEC, FINRA, FDA, and HIPAA regulations. His company, Gremln, let’s organizations that want to use social media, do so while meeting the expectations of the regulations and laws that govern their industry. So, in my view, Ryan is a bridge builder, bringing the benefits of social media to regulated industries.  In this interview, Ryan’s candid insights about the differences between founding Gremln and being Gremln’s CEO are compelling and I also like his take on who he perceives to actually be his “boss.” It may not be who you think.

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Name: Ryan Bell, Founder & CEO

Company: Gremln

Powerful Promise of Value: Gremln ensures compliant use of social media communication for companies that adhere to SEC, FFIEC, FINRA, FDA, and HIPAA regulations. It also gives your company access to a full marketing suite designed to maximize your social marketing campaigns, guide your strategies, and monitor your return.

Headquartered In: St. Louis, Missouri

Significant Difference Between (Co) Founder & CEO: “…when I think of the founder role I think of the person with the idea, the person who sees the problem…engineering, problem solving come to mind…quickly after…you find yourself kind of making a shift…from ideation…into executive management, coordination, project management, ensuring customer success, working on customer relations, gaining more and more investment…in order to grow the company…relationships with investors…”

Blind Spot: “…the thing that I consider most often as being something that I have had to learn is…and that I have grown as a leader dealing with…making that transition from having everything under your control in that founder stage to shifting into the CEO role and delegating out the responsibilities to the team you’ve hired… ”

Banish Your Business Building Blindspot!

Favorite Resources for Productivity: Evernote (Great note taking, cloud based platform that helps you organize almost everything), TimeTrade (“Online appointment scheduling that delivers great customer experience.”), Doodle (“Doodle simplifies scheduling”)

Favorite Resource that helps with the Founder to CEO role shift: The Lean Sartup (Eric Ries)

Contact: www.gremln.com, [email protected]

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