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Luke Cooper is helping us round out our celebration of Babson College with a final BONUS Babson podcast. Luke leads Peach, a company that is having a huge impact on the electronics warranty world. Luke is an incredibly accomplished person whose level head, focus on customers and his people, makes you feel so confident that his company will continue to make its mark on the world. In addition, his incredible discipline around ensuring his company runs monthly experiments is truly something we all should think about as Founder & CEOs.

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Name: Luke Cooper, Co-founder & CEO

Company: Peach

Powerful Promise of Value: Peach lets you purchase warranties for the electronics that are important to you. If any of those devices break, they will handle the claims process for you, and even ensure repair or replacement within 2 business days. They help you say goodbye to waiting in line, wasting time on hold, or making do with a broken device.

Headquartered In: Baltimore, Maryland

Blind Spot: “…there are …thousands of blind spots…for us…one key blind spot…is that the people you work with everyday, they are real people…they deal with their own issues everyday…you might not be aware of those…you are always able to help each other…”

Banish Your Business Building Blindspot!

Favorite Resources for Productivity: Slack, HubSpot, pitchXO

Favorite Resources that helps with the Founder to CEO role shift: From Founder To CEO, Entrepreneur On Fire, Bullet Proof Exec, The Overcoat

Favorite Founders: Andy Rubin

Contacts: [email protected], www.joinpeach.com, Sweet Warranties (App Store)

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