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Raj Sheth is helping us celebrate Babson College on the podcast this week. Raj is a proud graduate of Babson College and he credits his experiences at Babson for some of his success at being the CEO & Co-founder of Recruiterbox. He and his company are celebrating their 1,000 customer milestone…which is huge, to be sure. He readily admits that hiring was a weakness of his. Yet, he and his colleagues have spent considerable time overcoming and now mastering this important area. But, even more importantly, Raj shares some incredible insights about how he and his team have really thought through the use of outside money versus bootstrapping the growth of Recruiterbox. What he says about the path he and his team chose and what they may have to do in the future are serious considerations for any Founder & CEO focusing on growth.

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Name: Raj Sheth, CEO & Co-founder

Company: Recruiterbox

Powerful Promise of Value: Recruiterbox is a very easy way to receive and manage job applications to your company. It is more efficient than email and simpler than many other recruitment software applications.

Headquartered In: San Francisco, California

Significant Difference Between (Co) Founder & CEO: “…this has been and continues to be a challenging transition for me. It’s two very different things being a founder and CEO… being a founder was a lot about being a doer…my goal was very clearly defined in the first year or two…if you want to grow…what you really need to be good at is being able to build an organization…I’m actually going to single out hiring…I was not very good at hiring…”

Blind Spot: “…one of my blind spots is how we are looking at the next five years…but we believe this market if we were doing everything perfectly…then we should have 50,000 or 100,000 business and companies using this…so one of the blind spots we have, of course we have strong product vision, we have a lot of bets we are going to make on distribution. We are making a lot of bets on how this solution becomes even more dispensable to a lot of businesses. But, just to be specific…I’ll need to make a call… if this is going to require a much bigger capital plan than what we have set out right now…to be honest this is a big blind spot… ”

Banish Your Business Building Blindspot!

Favorite Resources for Productivity: Freshdesk (“Freshdesk is the customer support software that gives you everything you need to delight your customers”), Pipedrive (“Sales CRM for small teams with big ambitions”), Pivotal Tracker (“The awesome, lightweight, agile project management tool for software teams”), Yesware (An email productivity service for salespeople) Rapportive (“Get LinkedIn profiles right inside Gmail”)

Favorite Resources that helps with the Founder to CEO role shift: The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon (Brad Stone), The Tim Ferriss Show (Podcast), The Godfather (Movie)

Favorite Founders: Patrick Collison (Stripe), Hiten Shah (KISSmetrics),  Timo Rein (PipeDrive)

Contact: [email protected], @rsheth83 (twitter)

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