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Tim Sinclair, Founder & CEO of Ringr, is disrupting the broadcasting, podcasting and other audio industries with his amazing new technology. You can hear Tim’s broadcasting background in his voice – the type of voice that makes you stop and listen. But, he freely admits in this fun interview that starting a tech company was the farthest thing from his mind before he met up with some key people and mapped out Ringr on a napkin. You really have to listen to his story about having only 88 cents in the company bank account. It will remind you of all the strength and determination it takes to be a Founder & CEO.

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Name: Tim Sinclair, Founder & CEO

Company: Ringr

Powerful Promise of Value: With Ringr, you can record a conversation with anyone, anywhere in the world, on any device, and have it sound like you’re in the same room at the same time. It’s a great tool for many including podcasters, broadcasters, reporters, and more.

Headquartered In: Cincinnati, Ohio

Significant Difference Between (Co) Founder & CEO: “…you go from 100% development to 100% development and 100% support…”

Blind Spot: “…business…”

Banish Your Business Building Blindspot!

Favorite Resources for Productivity: Being proactive with email support, especially in the beginning when interacting with your customers

Favorite Resources that helps with the Founder to CEO role shift: Episode of Seinfeld – “do the topic justice but don’t over stay your welcome…”

Favorite Founders: Ryan Watson and the team at Sqrl (Ryan was on the “From Founder To CEO” podcast in episode #7 HERE)

Contacts: ringr.com, [email protected]

3 thoughts on “026 — Tim Sinclair

  1. Excellent interview Todd. Tim is a friend and former radio colleague. I’ve been excited to see the progression of Ringr over the last year and am excited, as an advisor, to tell anyone and everyone I know about it.

    1. Hi Jeff. Many thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and kind words about the interview. More importantly, I am excited that he has someone like you walking beside him on his journey. I really think Ringr is HUGE! 🙂

  2. Great show can’t wait to see when you’re at the android market.
    A big congrats on a great product ,but most importantly bring it to market!

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