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Nick Andrews is helping us celebrate Babson College with a BONUS Babson podcast. Nick leads ReviTrage, a company that he started with a couple hundred dollars and now serves companies like Target, Jelly Belly, and GoDaddy. It was his daughter that inspired him to found the company. But, this risk adverse former management consultant has taken the inspiration of his daughter to very high revenue levels. His first year revenue was $1 million. You’ll want to listen to his thoughts on dealing with failure. It’s practical and inspirational.

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Name: Nick Andrews, Founder & CEO

Company: ReviTrage

Powerful Promise of Value: ReviTrage can work with your team to help design a specific  digital coupon promotion for each deal you are looking to execute. Within 48 hours they can broadcast that promotion across thousands of digital channels.

Headquartered In: Boston, Massachusetts

Significant Difference Between (Co) Founder & CEO: “…any founder will think of their company as their child…when you are a CEO you really have to step away from that and think more critically about the company…as a CEO you have to think that way…”

Blind Spot: “…I’m the type of person that likes to take on as much as possible and I have a hard time saying no to things…”

Banish Your Business Building Blindspot!

Favorite Resources for Productivity: Google Drive

Favorite Resources that helps with the Founder to CEO role shift: The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich (Tim Ferriss)

Favorite Founders: Steve Jobs

His Forbes Article: 5 Strategies For Juggling Entrepreneurship And Parenthood (Nick Andrews)

Contacts: [email protected]

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