351 — Heidi Zak

Podcast Summary:

Data science and bras? An unlikely combination? Not if you are a former Google employee and MIT grad. Heidi and her team have systematically taken on an industry that saw very little innovation and along the way helped millions of women find better comfort and and confidence.

Of course, as any listener of this show knows, success comes with lots of opportunities for growth. Heidi explains what happened when her Creative Director went on the ABC TV show Good Morning America (GMA), while she was in labor with her first child, and their system crashed. From that experience Heidi explains what she learned about her leadership style and how to bring team members along when you need to make a tough decision.

Thanks for being so candid, Heidi. We all benefit from you transparency.

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Name: Heidi Zak


Headquartered In: San Francisco, California

Powerful Promise of Value: ThirdLove is on a mission to get every single woman in a great-fitting, beautiful and comfortable bra that makes her feel confident.

Contact: www.thirdlove.com, Heidi on LinkedIn, Heidi on Twitter

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