292 — Bob Tinker

Podcast Summary:

Ok, Bob shares a TON of personal insights in this extended interview. The reason? You won’t find a lot of Founders who have scaled up their companies to nearly 15,000 customers and then IPO. He talks in detail about the following topics:

  • His 3 CEO stages that a Founder must transition to over the course of growth
  • How his team gave him challenging feedback and how that prompted him to change through these different stages
  • Unlearning things he had learned early on as a Founder, because they did not work leading a 500 person company
  • How he approached his board about leaving his CEO role

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Name: Bob Tinker


Headquartered In: San Francisco, California

Bob’s Books:

Survival to Thrival: Building the Enterprise Startup – Book 1 The Company Journey

Survival to Thrival: Building the Enterprise Startup – Book 2: Change or Be Changed

Powerful Promise of Value: MobileIron’s mobile-centric, zero trust security approach verifies every user, device, application, network, and threat before granting secure access to business resources. 

Contact: www.mobileiron.com, Bob’s Twitter, Bob’s LinkedIn, Bob’s Website #SurvivaltoThrival

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