293 — Sahil Lavingia

Podcast Summary:

Sahil and his team at Gumroad have helped over 40,000 creators do more of what they love and have sent over $200,000,000 to creators and artists. This is an incredible achievement. So, when I read his February 2019 Medium Blog post entitled, “Reflecting on My Failure to Build a Billion-Dollar Company (It took years for me to realize my pursuit of growth was misguided from the start)” I knew it was time to get him on the show and share more.

I really appreciate Sahil detailing this journey. He had a personal epiphany around his own motivations as a Founder & CEO. And he walks through this and much more in this very candid interview.

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Name: Sahil Lavingia


Headquartered In: Provo, Utah

Sahil’s Powerful Medium Piece: Reflecting on My Failure to Build a Billion-Dollar Company

Powerful Promise of Value: Gumroad helps you sell music, comics, software, books, films, and more directly to your audience.

Contact: www.gumroad.com, Sahil’s Twitter

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