242 — Craig Buntin

Podcast Summary:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for hockey? Yes, former Olympic skating champion, Craig Buntin, left the Olympic ice for the hockey ice when he and his co-founder launched SPORTLOGiQ.

Craig goes into great detail about:

  • Why AI is misunderstood
  • Which terms are likely to indicated an real AI company
  • Why 25 NHL teams use SPORTLOGiQ
  • How AI will impact betting in the United States
  • Patents in AI
  • Why he shifted from self-driving AI to sports AI
  • The interesting way he got Mark Cuban to invest in his company
  • The process of removing responsibility “hats” as he has moved from Founder to CEO
  • Why it was hard for him to personally leave behind product development as he has shifted to CEO

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Name: Craig Buntin


Headquartered In: Montreal, Canada

Powerful Promise of Value: SPORTLOGiQ is an AI-powered sports analytics company that help teams win more games and broadcasters engage more viewers.

Contact: Website: www.sportlogiq.com

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