081 — Dennis Mortensen

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Podcast Summary:

What do you get when you add ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE to FOCUS with a dash of RADICAL TRANSPARENCY? A Danish Founding CEO named Dennis Mortensen and a high performing team who are on a mission to democratize the personal assistant. Dennis gives us a peek into his “AI” world, what leadership mindset his brings to scaling his company, and why he shares bank statements with his team.

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Name: Dennis Mortensen, CEO and Founder

Company: x.ai

Powerful Promise of Value: x.ai (Amy) is a personal assistant who schedules meetings for you…almost magically.

Headquartered In: New York, New York

Leadership Struggle:  “…the flip side of focus comes this…sometimes…inability at times to compromise…I sometimes assume…that that new employee who has been here for three days somehow gets everything…”

Contacts: www.x.ai[email protected]

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