401 — Donnie Boivin

Podcast Summary

Donnie is as transparent as you might expect, being a Marine.

His amazing company is helping thousands of business owners connect with the right people.

So, I found it really interesting that he made a decision as a Founder & CEO that initially did not connect with his people.

Sometimes, as Founders, and as we grow, we need to augment our decision-making with a bit more data and insight.

The gut instincts that got us to launch and reach traction become insufficient over time.

Listen to what happened to Donnie, how he fixed the situation, and what you can learn from his mistake.

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Name: Donnie Boivin

Company: Success Champion Networking

Location: Azle, Texas

Powerful Promise of Value: Success Champion Networking is for the “2nd Tier” B2B decision-makers who have outgrown “traditional” networking.


Donnie on LinkedIn

Donnie’s Company Website

Donnie Summit: Bad Ass Business Summit

Donnie’s Free Resources: Text “Success” to 817-318-6030

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