235 — Laura Roeder

Podcast Summary:

It’s rare when we have the same guest twice on this podcast. And, when we do it is usually for a good reason. Laura is a great reason. We last spoke with Laura in 2015 when she had a team of 13 and she was experiencing lots of success with her social media management tool, Edgar. She is back and we had a GREAT conversation.

Not only does she dish about the current and upcoming social media changes, but she also talks extensively about:

  • The differences leading a startup team of 13 versus 25.
  • What she and her team did differently in order to innovate in response to Twitter changes.
  • How she has had to shift her approach to leadership.
  • The feedback from her team about her strengths and limitations as a Founder & CEO.

Laura is an open and honest Founder who shares a great deal about herself, her team, and the journey From Founder To CEO.

Click to Tweet @lkr Founder @MeetEdgar: Responding to changes in social media while leading a team that has grown quickly from 13 to 25. https://fromfoundertoceo.com/?p=3655

Name: Laura Roeder

Company: MeetEdgar

Headquartered In: Brighton, United Kingdom

Powerful Promise of Value: Edgar takes the time-suck out of social media management.

Contact: Website: www.meetedgar.com

Laura’s New Software For Coaches: https://paperbell.com/

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