016 — James Ross

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James Ross and his team have created such an innovative financial tech company that Entrepreneur Magazine named his company to “the 100 most brilliant companies” list. There is no doubt that James and his team has created a unique service that not only is disrupting the FINTECH world, but also the world that traders live and work in. However, I was most intrigued by how he uses actual technical tests in the hiring process. He even has new sales people start selling their HedgeChatter service as part of their hiring process.

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Name: James Ross, Co-founder & CEO

Company: HedgeChatter

Powerful Promise of Value: HedgeChatter aggregates social media buzz about financial markets, creating data, graphs and stock-price predictions based on online chatter. Basically, HedgeChatter processes financial chatter, reduces noise and incorporates predictive social analytics to determine intent across hundreds of thousands of traders instantly.

Headquartered In: Dallas, Texas

Significant Difference Between (Co) Founder & CEO: “…the biggest is…if you are really quote unquote becoming a CEO more than likely that means you are bringing investors in…so there is definitely the business side to it that you really have to focus on…some of the biggest differences are kind of the framework that you look at…in the beginning…everyone is happy…but when you move to the CEO role you realize there are a lot more ups and downs…that you have to mitigate…you kind of have a relaxed maturity approach to it…”

Blind Spot: “…something I have had to learn to tame…is to continue development of the product…we all want perfection…the moment you move one piece of anything suddenly all the other pieces may potentially may need to be moved…balancing how much time do you focus on that versus where you are today and what do you need to do…” [product development versus customer development]

Banish Your Business Building Blindspot!

Favorite Resource for Productivity: GQueues (A collaborative online task manager
for Google and Google Apps users); ScheduleOnce (online scheduling application)

Favorite Resource that helps with the Founder to CEO role shift: The Wolf of Wall Street, Entrepreneur Magazine, HedgeChatter

Favorite Founder:  T. Boone Pickens, Richard Branson

Contact: www.hedgechatter.com, [email protected]

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