111 — Matt Ehrlichman

Podcast Summary:

Matt Ehrlichman has experienced some tremendous success over the years. This Standford grad was selected as USA TODAY’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 2014. He even successfully built other companies before his struggles with building a home for his family prompted him to co-found Porch in 2012. He and his team quickly raised $100 million and Porch grew very fast. In 2015 he and the company started experiencing some headwinds and decided to right size the company and sharpen its focus.

I personally really enjoyed speaking with Matt. His kind, humble, and generous demeanor will bring you renewed hope that people like him exist. He candidly shares his company’s rise, it’s struggles, and speaks at length about the challenges he has faced transitioning from Founder to CEO.

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Name: Matt Ehrlichman, CEO and Co-Founder

Company: Porch

Powerful Promise of Value: Porch makes it easy to maintain your home by connecting you with the right pro. Basically they pair home owners with vetted contractors.

Recent Article About Matt In USA Today: Porch CEO on rough year: ‘We got distracted’

Headquartered In: Seattle, Washington

Contacts: Twitter: @mattehrlichman, Twitter: @PorchDotComwww.porch.com

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