110 — Alechia Reese

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Alechia Reese is a winner. She struggled through some significant adversities to start her business. And, her determination, commitment to her client’s success, and her love of branding has fueled her company’s success. She shares an interesting story about what she learned and what she did when she had an employee that behaved badly in front of a client. She is full of wisdom. Listen and let me know what you think.

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Name: Alechia Reese, Founder and CEO

Company: 360° Gateway Brands

Powerful Promise of Value: 360⁰ Gateway Brand Management is a boutique branding, marketing and public relations firm whose mission is to create the reality you’ve imagined for your specific product, service, or business. And, they have a special skill in helping businesses partner with corporate entities to collaboratively fulfill the mission and vision of both organizations.

Headquartered In: New York, New York

Leadership Struggle: “…I am a very understanding leader…”

Favorite Productivity Software: Trello

Hiring Advice: “…make sure you are paying attention to their EQ also, and run a background check…ask them open ended questions about how they deal with things…”

Great CEO Question: How would you like to be treated?

Books Recommended To Her During The Interview:

Contacts: www.360gatewaybrands.com

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