106 — Rodney Williams

Podcast Summary:

Rodney Williams hates being a startup…but, that’s ok because his fast growing company is rapidly becoming one of the most innovative companies. He describes his journey to date and how he is learning to be a great CEO.

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Name: Rodney Williams, CEO & Co-founder

Company: LISNR

Powerful Promise of Value:  LISNR Smart Tones are a high quality data-over-audio solution that allow you to interact with the world around you.

Headquartered In: Cincinnati, Ohio

Leadership Struggle: “…our advocates…did not understand what we were doing…”

Favorite Productivity Software: Slack

Favorite Businesses: R/GA, TechStars, Intel

Great CEO Questions: Do you want to be a startup or do you want to be the world’s most innovative company?

Contacts: [email protected], www.lisnr.com

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