089 — Martha Huntley

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Podcast Summary:

I am very excited to share this Thanksgiving Day special episode with all of you around the world. In this episode we have the uplifting and inspiring story of Founding CEO, Martha Huntley, who is on a mission to help people expand the expression of gratitude around the world. This innovation platform is the perfect story to help us all think about expressing appreciation more often. However, it’s not just for Thanksgiving, Martha’s platform continues to expand as users connect and share gratitude 365 days a year. Hear her talk about:

  • Why she is so passionate about her company.
  • How she found her team members.
  • What she learned about sharing her business idea.

Click to Tweet Martha Huntley, Founder & CEO of WeGush, is helping people around the world easily share their gratitude anytime and anywhere. https://fromfoundertoceo.com/?p=1580


Name: Martha Huntley, Founder & CEO

Company: WeGush

Powerful Promise of Value: WeGush let’s you unleash your gratitude by expressing appreciation anytime and anywhere.

Headquartered In: Boston, Massachusetts

Contact: [email protected], www.wegush.com, WeGush Group

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