085 — Joseph Kopser

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Podcast Summary:

We are honoring U.S. military veterans on Veterans Day this week. Joseph is a fine example of a military veteran making the successful transition to Founder & CEO. He is a fountain of great startup advice and even more gracious to share his robust leadership learnings. Listen for his great stories and leadership development insights like these quotes:

  • “The three things that I learned most in the military…how to build teams…how to solve problems as quickly as possible…learn not to sweat the small stuff.”
  • “…it came to…the dark days…the day we only had 729 dollars left in the bank and we had six people who had to pay the rent and make payroll…”
  • “…at the end of the day…nobody was shooting at us, nobody was dying, and nobody was getting injured…and so when you put into that kind of perspective it makes the trials and tribulations of startup life a lot easier to tolerate and to weather through.”
  • “…as an entrepreneur…especially a Founding CEO…you’re going to do the moral equivalent of pitching a tent in the dirt in the middle of the desert…”
  • “We take our work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves seriously.”
  • “You go asking for money and your going to get advice, you go asking for advice and you have a better chance to get money.”
  • “I truly believe that we can make our communities a better place.”
  • “I also learned to let go.”
  • “Just build teams.”

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Name: Joseph Kopser, Co-founder & CEO

Company: RideScout

Powerful Promise of Value: RideScout is the mobile app that seemlessly brings all ground transportation options to the palm of your hand in real time, including: public transit, taxi, bus, metro, subway, etc.

Headquartered In: Austin, Texas

Leadership Struggle:  “I want to do too much. Because I see so many opportunities…it’s always a matter of…what we can accomplish now…”

Contacts: www.ridescoutapp.com@JosephKopser (twitter), @ridescout (twitter), https://www.linkedin.com/in/josephkopser (LinkedIn)

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