084 — Matthew Miller

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Podcast Summary:

We are honoring U.S. military veterans on Veterans Day this week. Matthew Miller is a fine example of a military veteran making the successful transition to Founder & CEO. Matt has built an incredible company with a win for schools, communities, and his team members. They sell over 7 million stickers a year while helping schools raise funds. He also talks about how learning personality profiles help him grow as a leader.

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Name: Matthew Miller, Founder & CEO

Company: School Spirit Vending

Powerful Promise of Value: School Spirit Vending helps schools passively raise funds with hassle-free fundraising.

Headquartered In: Stephenville, Texas

Leadership Struggle:  “…as I have grown a team here…I’ve learn that… we all have different personality types…I didn’t understand any of that until just a couple of years ago…”

His Book:  Live Your Dreams: Top 10 Reasons Why You Need To Start A Vending Business (Matthew Miller)

Contacts: ssvbusiness.com, [email protected]

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