042 — Michael Papay

Podcast Summary:

Michael Papay is a the Co-founder and CEO of Waggl who incubated his company within another company before launch.  He and his company are disrupting the traditional, huge, bloated, slow, and uninspiring annual employee surveys that so many companies invest in. They are replacing this old dinosaur approach with a quick, timely, and robust employee feedback platform that creates a real-time and transparent feedback cycle that helps keep pace with the speed of today’s businesses. He shares a story about the challenges of compensation issues in a startup and how he handles the tension between getting things done right and getting things done at the speed of a startup.

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Name: Michael Papay, Co-founder & CEO

Company: Waggl

Powerful Promise of Value:  Waggl makes it easy for leaders to connect with employees with real-time feedback.  It especially helps Human Resource professionals to easily pulse questions. It’s not a survey, but a new way to authentically connect with your people.

Headquartered In: Menlo Park, California

Blind Spot: “…grinder mentality…I feel like failure is not an option…I like to move fast, but I don’t want to take on too many risks that put myself into a failure position…a tension point…a slow grinding approach sometimes is in conflict what’s required to get a start up up and screaming…up and to the right growth…”

Banish Your Business Building Blindspot!

Favorite Resources for Productivity: Google Hangout, Hipchat, Pivotal Tracker

Favorite Resources that helps with the Founder to CEO role shift: TechCrunch, Fast Company, Good To Great (Jim Collins), Drive (Daniel Pink)

Favorite Founders: Ignace Goethals (Former President of SmithKline Beecham), Jeff Snipes (Former Founder & CEO of Ninth House), Joe Abrams (Co-founder of Software Toolworks and MySpace)

Contacts: www.waggl.it

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