038 — Jonathan Adams

Podcast Summary:

Jon Adams is really a wise, thoughtful, and remarkable leader. He co-founded his company in his parent’s basement and has grown the company into a powerhouse. I know Jon. His children and my children attend the same school and we belong to a Business Owner’s Roundtable that is connected with the school. Don’t let his mild mannered persona fool you. Jon is an amazing leader who shares a heart wrenching story about the difficulties all Founder & CEOs face when we are confronted with the need to let an employee go. His story will move you. And, I hope it will make you think deeply about the huge responsibilities we all assume when we accept the title of CEO.

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Name: Jonathan Adams, Co-founder & President

Company: Salix Data

Powerful Promise of Value: With over 2,500 customers, SALIX is the leader in helping organizations move from paper-based processes to electronic.

Headquartered In: Cincinnati, Ohio

Blind Spot: “…the biggest challenge for me is follow through within my own organization…”

Banish Your Business Building Blindspot!

Contacts: www.salixdata.com, [email protected]

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