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Chris Motley is a former Goldman Sachs employee who left Wall Street to become a Founder and CEO on Washington Avenue in Saint Louis, Missouri. His company, Better Weekdays, helps to connect college and university career centers, their students, and employers to create a more streamlined approach to career placement. He shares some powerful stories about the challenges of getting your pricing model set, how he overcame his technology blindspot, and what he learned after loosing $150,000. Plus, Chris proves you can be the successful Founder & CEO of a tech company without having a tech background.

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Name: Chris Motley, Founder & CEO

Company: Better Weekdays

Powerful Promise of Value: Better Weekdays makes meaningful connections between job seekers and employers to improve placement outcomes for the students of colleges and universities.

Headquartered In: Saint Louis, Missouri

Blind Spot: “…not having a technology background…”

Favorite Resources for Productivity: Evernote, Slack

Banish Your Business Building Blindspot!

Contacts: [email protected], www.betterweekdays.com

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