371 — James Oliver

Podcast Summary

Being an entrepreneur is challenging. Being an entrepreneur AND a parent is even more challenging. For some, being a black entrepreneurial parent can be even tougher. James knows this. As a Founder himself, he understands the struggle and partnered with people like Brad Feld and many others to build this amazing startup Foundation.

He’s also quite candid about his personal struggles. In this interview, listen how James battled through depression and came out on top. As you look toward 2021, I hope James’ story brings you hope for a great year ahead.

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Name: James Oliver, Jr.

The ParentPreneur Foundation

Headquartered In: Atlanta, Georgia

Powerful Promise of Value: The ParentPreneur Foundation empowers Black ParentPreneurs to be the best parent & entrepreneur possible, so they can leave a legacy for their children.

Contact: Website, Mario on LinkedIn

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