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021 — Raj Sheth

Podcast Summary:

Raj Sheth is helping us celebrate Babson College on the podcast this week. Raj is a proud graduate of Babson College and he credits his experiences at Babson for some of his success at being the CEO & Co-founder of Recruiterbox. He and his company are celebrating their 1,000 customer milestone…which is huge, to be sure. He readily admits that hiring was a weakness of his. Yet, he and his colleagues have spent considerable time overcoming and now mastering this important area. But, even more importantly, Raj shares some incredible insights about how he and his team have really thought through the use of outside money versus bootstrapping the growth of Recruiterbox. What he says about the path he and his team chose and what they may have to do in the future are serious considerations for any Founder & CEO focusing on growth.

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