367 — Nicholas Cianfaglione

Podcast Summary

COVID-19 has made it even more difficult for artists to launch and sustain a living.

That’s why I LOVE what Nicholas and his team are doing for artists. They have created a platform that helps take the middle man out and add the profits in for artists who have traditionally not gotten a fair shake.

Nicholas is tackling a big issue, at a relatively young age. Listen as he describes his 2 biggest challenges shifting from Founder to CEO. The first is his own health and well-being, The second is his relationship with his developer as they hashed it out over development strategy.

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Name: Nicholas Cianfaglione

Artist Republik

Headquartered In: Providence, Rhode Island

Powerful Promise of Value: ARTIST REPUBLIK is an innovative, decentralized, music business networking platform that allows independent music artists from around the world to take control of their own careers through networking, centralized resources, and A.I. based management tools.

Contact: Website, Twitter, Facebook, Nicholas on LinkedIn

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