364 — Randy Rayess

Podcast Summary

About a year ago I started paying attention to some of the new approaches to lead generation many Founder were using. They include quizes, calculators, assessments, polls, and chatbots. Want to get to know one of the Founders who has made these lead generation tools easily accessible to us? Yes? Then, listen to this episode of the podcast.

Randy, his co-founder, and his growing team are experts on interactive content.

And, because his company is growing so fast, Randy has had to hire lots of people. The problem? Initially, he wasn’t very good at it.

Randy explains what he learned about hiring AND about himself in this candid interview.

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Name: Randy Rayess


Headquartered In: San Francisco, California

Powerful Promise of Value: Outgrow helps you to boost your Marketing with Interactive content by using simple, no-code tools to acquire qualified leads.

Contact: Website, Randy on LinkedIn

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