362 — Shawn Askinosie

Podcast Summary

I think you may want to listen to this interview…twice.

Shawn is incredible. He is one of the deepest thinking Founders I think I may have interviewed in 5 years.


He discusses something that many of us Founders struggle with…the tension between reaching the aspirational elements of entrepreneurship and the realities of the moment.

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Name: Shawn Askinosie

Askinosie Chocolate

Headquartered In: Springfield, Missouri

Shawn’s Book: Meaningful Work: A Quest to Do Great Business, Find Your Calling, and Feed Your Soul

Shawn’s TEDxOklahomaCity Talk: 

Powerful Promise of Value: Askinosie Chocolate is a bean to bar chocolate maker in Springfield, Missouri that endeavors to make the best tasting direct trade chocolate while working with farmers and students.

Contact: Website, Shawn on LinkedIn

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