333 — Brendan Synnott

Podcast Summary:

These are stressful times for many Founders. What usually is a challenging role to be in, has been turned into a crazy race to stay alive. That’s why I have been striving to bring you insights from Founders who have launched and exited multiple startups. Brendan is one of those guys. You may recall “Bear Naked” Granola…well, Brendan, Kelly Flatley, and team created that amazing company and sold it to Kellogg’s. It was an incredible exit.

In this interview, Brendan takes you inside that experience, what he learned about himself, and how he has taken these experiences and applied them as he builds he latest company, PACT Apparel.

Oh, and Brendan knows a little bit more about surviving, you may have caught him on the CBS TV show Survivor in 2008.

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Name: Brendan Synnott

PACT Apparel

Headquartered In: Boulder, Colorado

Powerful Promise of Value: PACT Apparel makes sustainable, organic cotton fashion for all…with no toxic dyes or pesticides. 

Contact: wearpact.com, Brendan on LinkedIn

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