160 — Angelique Mohring

Podcast Summary:

Angelique is one of those Founders whom you say to yourself…just wow! Super smart, truly dedicated, inspirational, ready to tackle complex problems, and a wide variety of amazing experiences all combine in one amazing CEO. Angelique and her team are combining SaaS, with change management, with innovation, and with a deep understanding of cultures and how they react to re-invention.

Angelique talks about two really important issues that I am sure you have either struggled with or which you will probably encounter in the future:

  1. Navigating “mentor whiplash”
  2. Dealing with a major injury while still needing to perform as CEO

You can tell by Angelique’s mindset that she is a winner.

Click to Tweet @AngeliqueM2010, #founder & #CEO of @GainXGlobal, is helping BIG business tackle innovation with BIG gains https://fromfoundertoceo.com/?p=2604


Name: Angelique Mohring, Founder & CEO

Company: GainX

Headquartered In: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Powerful Promise of Value: The GainX Innovation Management SaaS Platform helps companies engage their team through collaboration; enable your partners with open thinking; and disrupt the market with products and services that generate meaningful ROI.

Basically, GainX is designed to help you effectively scale innovation. The GainX platform includes three fully integrated applications: Insights™, Intellect™, and OpenThinking™.

Contacts: www.gainx.com, [email protected]

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