155 — Eric Breon

Podcast Summary:

Eric has a growing list of accolades that all reflect the growth and success of his company, Vacasa. He’s a humble guy whose fast-growth company all started with his family’s 1800s cabin. That experience combined with two great first hires, hard work, diligence, and an amazing team have all resulted in the 2nd largest vacation rental management company in the United States.

In this interview you’ll hear Eric address some unique topics like:

  • When he first realized he was actually a CEO
  • How focusing on hiring friends and referrals has fueled Vacasa’s growth
  • How he handled leaping from individual contributor at Capital One to being the CEO of an over 1,000 person company
  • How his tendency toward analytics has helped and hindered his journey From Founder To CEO

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Name: Eric Breon, Founder & CEO

Company: Vacasa

Headquartered In: Portland, Oregon

Powerful Promise of Value: The team at Vacasa has made it their top priority to make the world of vacation rentals a simple, stress-free experience for both owners and guests. Vacasa offers professional rental management for more than 4,700 vacation homes in some of the most desirable vacation destinations in the U.S., as well as Central and South America.

Eric’s Fortune Magazine Article: Why Hiring Your Friends Could Be the Best Thing for Your Startup

Contacts: www.vacasa.com, [email protected]@vacasarentals (Twitter), @vacasarentals (Instagram)

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