148 — Erin Green

Podcast Summary:

The world is complex and getting more complex by the day. In my experience, anyone that can take aware some of that complexity has a winning business.

Erin Green understands this and founded a fast-growth company that helps you ensure you are getting the value you contracted for with your out-sourced service providers. That includes telecommunications, utilities, merchant processing, and more contract management. It’s all about a laser-like focus.

Erin’s wisdom about growing from Founder to CEO is well worth a listen. She opens up about:

  • Learning to let things go
  • “…I can’t control every aspect of the business…”
  • Working on the business instead of in the business
  • The power of a quality mentor
  • How promoting a key team member to a higher level operations role made her a more effective CEO

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Name: Erin Green, Founder & CEO

Company: Verify Services

Headquartered In: Waterford, PA

Powerful Promise of Value: Verify Services provides independent telecommunications consulting (local, long distance, internet and cellular services) for new car dealers and multi-location manufacturers throughout the United States.

Contacts: www.verifyservices.net

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