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Podcast Summary:

Dan Ansel is helping healthcare providers better communicate with their stakeholders. His brother loaned him the money to get his company started. He took that money, used his crisis therapist background, his healthcare industry knowledge, and his consultative sales training to expand Private Health News. He shares his wise startup leadership knowledge in several areas.

1. Giving more freedom to your product developers…delegation.
2. The value of insight.
3. The problem with ignoring people performance/disruption issues…confrontation.
4. Employee climate…”you can’t let fear be the driver.”
5. The opportunity and challenge of high CEO expectations.
6. Team building activities…allows everyone to see each other as human beings.
7. FOCUS: The curse of product development.

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Name: Daniel Ansel, President/CEO & Co-founder

Company: Private Health News

Powerful Promise of Value: They help healthcare providers identify their key audiences and then open up a communication channel so they can communicate about their programs,  their services, and their physicians in a very targeted way.

Headquartered In: Cincinnati, Ohio

Blind Spot: “…I probably wasn’t providing them the mentoring, the coaching, or the resources that they really need to optimize their success…”

Banish Your Business Building Blindspot!

Favorite Resources that helps with the Founder to CEO role shift: The Starbucks Experience: 5 Principles for Turning Ordinary Into Extraordinary (Joseph Michelli).The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference (Malcolm Gladwell)

Contacts: [email protected], 513-731-6700 (17), www.privatehealthnews.com

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