122 — David Mandell

Podcast Summary:

David Mandell is one of those people whose deep caring of other people and whose deep sense of responsibility for others shines through everything he does. I was super excited when he agreed to this interview with me. I have been reading his blog for a while and have been very impressed with the depth of his writing and the sincere, candid expressions of his feelings, emotions, struggles, and wins on his personal leadership journey from Founder to CEO. Plus, he’s just a really nice guy who happens to be changing real estate for the better. Please listen to the very end…I think his emotional story about his “most difficult decision” is worth listening to twice. As always, let me know what you think.

Click to Tweet @dgmandell, Co-founder & CEO of @PivotDesk, is changing the real estate game for #startups and #smallbiz https://fromfoundertoceo.com/?p=2029


Name: David Mandell, Co-founder & CEO

Company: PivotDesk

Powerful Promise of Value: PivotDesk helps startups and small businesses find affordable, short-term office space by helping companies drive income from their excess office space – all with great service.

Headquartered In: Boulder, Colorado

David’s Blog: Been There, Done That

Key Blog Pieces We Spoke About During The Interview:

David’s Co-Founders’s Blog Piece (If you listen to the interview, you’ll know why I include this):

Contacts: www.pivotdesk.com@PivotDesk

Sponsored by: Khorus

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